Be a Part of the Most Important Work of Our Generation

Today, we live in a fractured world, split among different cultures, ideologies, economic interests and values. Millions of people feel disconnected from each other, nature and their inner selves.

But change is happening. More and more people are coming together in common cause, like at the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and we've seen a surge of support for organizations that strive to protect our natural resources.

The time is now for a unifying event that builds upon yet transcends disparate cultures and allows us to rediscover our shared humanity.

That event is The Awakening of Humanity. The Awakening of Humanity is an oratorio that blends European classical music tradition with the profound values of Native American culture for a deeply uplifting, inspiring and important experience that is both visceral and spiritual.

Awakening of Humanity creators, composer Bart Bullock and librettist Monty Joynes
Edmund Barton “Bart” Bullock (seated) and librettist St. Leger “Monty” Joynes

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Now you can be an integral part of the creation of this great work!