Composer Bart Bullock and librettist Monty Joynes working on the Awakening of Humanity oratorio

The Unique Collaboration

The Awakening of Humanity is the product of a collaboration between Edmund Barton Bullock, and American born contemporary composer and Monty Joynes, acclaimed author of a series of books centered around Native American metaphysical teachings and wisdom.

Mr. Joynes writing work, along with Mr. Bullock's lifelong interest in Native American culture, inspired the ethos of the Awakening of Humanity. Mr. Joynes wrote the words of the oratorio, expressing deep spiritual concepts in a touching and universal way.

The Western Piedmont Symphony is the third leg of this extraordinary creative trifecta, lending its support and world-class musicianship to the project.

Meet the Creators of The Awakening of Humanity

St. Leger "Monty" Joynes, author and librettist

St. Leger "Monty" Joynes

Librettist and Author

St. Leger “Monty” Joynes is an award-winning author who has published over twenty books, including the Booker Series, novels that deal with social issues and the metaphysics of contemporary American Indians.

He has also combined his storytelling, knowledge of American Indian life and love of music by writing for classical music. These works include the libretto for The Awakening of Humanity in collaboration with Edmund Barton Bullock, and adaptations of his novels Save the Good Seed and Eagle Feathers In Glass into operas.

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Edmund Barton Bullock, pianist and composer

Edmund Barton "Bart" Bullock

Composer and Pianist

Edmund Barton “Bart” Bullock is a successful composer and pianist, and has performed his own major works, including the Appalachian Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Te Deum, Songs of the Night and Cycle of Seven Art Songs throughout the United States and Europe. He has been sponsored by European royalty and aristocracy and is affiliated with some of the oldest and most prestigious arts societies in the world.

His works draw on history and tradition seen through a modern aesthetic and have been performed in venues as diverse as Carnegie Hall in New York, the Clémence Isaure Hall in France and at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.

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The Western Piedmont Symphony

The Western Piedmont Symphony

Sponsor and Musicians

The Western Piedmont Symphony (WPS), under the direction of Maestro John Gordon Ross, is celebrating their 52nd year of beautiful music and outstanding performances. The roughly 70-piece orchestra draws talented and dedicated musicians from across the Carolinas. Under the baton of Maestro Ross since 1991, the orchestra has developed into the outstanding regional orchestra they are today.

The Western Piedmont Symphony, including Maestro John Gordon Ross, Music Director and Conductor and Ingrid Keller, Executive Director have been an integral part of the creation of The Awakening of Humanity from its inception, and they will be performing its premiere.

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A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

It's not every day that you get the chance to participate in the creation of such an important work of art. Anyone can become a supporter of The Awakening of Humanity by donating. Grab your chance to be a part of something larger!