The Awakening of Humanity is an epic musical work that draws its inspiration from the traditional Native American belief system. While not a religious work, it includes values of American Indian cultures such as the unity of all creation including humanity and nature,  the importance of embracing one's spiritual potential and the rejection of mindless materialism.

At this point in history, an understanding of and return to values that lead us to reach out to our neighbor across the street or across the globe and help us live a life of fulfillment are more important than ever.

Discover the importance of The Awakening of Humanity


The human articulators of life’s struggles and conflicts are heard from male— Primal Man (Tenor) and Mature Man (Bass)—and female— Primal Woman (Soprano) and Mature Woman (Mezzo-Soprano)—perspectives. This development occupies the first four movements of the performance in the following order: The Human Condition, Human Instincts, Human History, and Human Beliefs. The solo voices, duets, and quartets are balanced by the Chorus, which informs and challenges the consciousness of the conflicted humanity.

In the final and fifth movement—The Human Cathedral—the human voices, male and female, awaken to the realization that life itself is the connecting string that can end separation. The solo voices then come into harmony with the chorus in celebration of a new beginning where the whole earth is realized as the common homeland, and creation is its sacred bond.

View a video of the premiere of the first two movements here.


Once we are able to raise the needed money and all five movements of the Awakening of Humanity are completed, we will schedule a series of performances.

The honor of performing the premiere of the completed work goes to the Western Piedmont Symphony in Hickory, North Carolina in recognition of their unwavering support throughout the creative process.

As a show of our gratitude for your financial support, top donors will be awarded reserved seats in the front three rows of the theater for the premiere performance.

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