The Awakening of Humanity is not just another classical composition. It is work of importance, not just musically, but in its ability to bring people together, transcending race, ethnicity, economic status, culture and ideology.

Blending of European and Indigenous Cultures

The Awakening of Humanity has the musical structure of traditional European classical music, imbued with the soul and values of Native American culture. In contrast to our American historical experience, where the European culture relentlessly strove to destroy and replace American Indian religion, languages and art, this remarkable musical achievement recognizes the value of both cultures and blends them into one beautiful and transcendent reminder of our shared humanity.

Creating Unity Among People With a History of Conflict

Because of its unique perspective and insights, The Awakening of Humanity will serve as a unifying force to bring together people who have struggled with each other in the past. European-descended and indigenous peoples. Israelis and Palestinians. Caucasians and African Americans. The haves and the have-nots.

The Awakening of Humanity brings a message of peace and common needs: the universal needs of love, security, spiritual experience and prosperity. It is our intention that the performance of this work and the dissemination of its message will make a positive difference in our shared consciousness.

A New Understanding of Our Relationship to Each Other and the Planet

Just as The Awakening of Humanity illuminates our commonalities and reduces the importance of our differences, it also gives us a deeper sense of continuity with both previous and still to come generations. Native American culture venerates the wisdom of the aged, and counsels care in our behavior because of its influence on future generations' quality of life. All stages of life have intrinsic value, and we can now recognize the value in every stage of life.

Underlying American Indian belief systems is a deep respect and care for the earth and all of the living things on it: people, animals and plants. As the population of the earth grows and we start to feel the effects of warmer temperatures, pollution, rising sea levels and species extinctions, grounding ourselves in this idea of humanity as a part of a larger creation can help get us back on track.


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